The Scene

MARK Hotel Belgrade is the first neighbor of Palace Belgrade which is situated on the crossroads of Kralja Milana (central city street), Resavska (where we are) and Masarikova Streets.

Our hotel is located near the tripoint of the Savski Venac, Vračar and Stari Grad municipalities – the three most central ones. Neighborhoods in the vicinity include Cvetni Trg to the east, Krunski Venac to the northeast, Andrićev Venac to the north, London to the northwest and Savamala to the west. Three parks are close to the building: Pioneers Park, Manjež and Park Gavrilo Princip. Students Cultural Center and Yugoslav Drama Theater are just steps away.

Danube and Sava, two exciting Belgrade rivers, frame a portrait of Belgrade and give its character.

If they knew how to speak, they would testify the endless story of the construction and destruction, Belgrade everyday life from the past to the present day life, nameless acts of kindness, love and courage.

Danube and Sava provide hospitality with their sixteen river islands. The coasts are crowded by walkways, floats, restaurants, cafes and clubs, sports centers, playgrounds and bike trails.

Modern infrastructure, wide boulevards, the sound of night life that comes from the rivers and the echo of the big fancy events of the Sava Centre and the Belgrade Arena. On the other hand, bohemian alleys, wonderful promenades, artistic environment, peace and tranquility of the old architecture.


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